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We already talked about how to hold the wheel, so now let’s talk about where to hold the wheel. keep in mind, this may not totally apply to Auto-X (definitely doesn’t apply to drifting) as there is generally a great deal of steering angle required in this type of driving. Now, I know this isn’t what you learned during driver’s ed, but the proper hand position is actually at 9 and 3 o’clock with NO shuffling. Here’s why:

1) This gives you a full 180 degrees of steering angle input in both directions

2) You are able to give smooth, consistent inputs to the steering wheel

3) You have better leverage on the steering wheel

4) Your brain is automatically calibrated to where straight is in the event of an oversteer attitude

5) If the car does start to oversteer, you have a greater range of motion in the countersteer direction than if you shuffled your hands. This gives you the ability to correct more quickly/smoothly and give plenty of input (try shuffling vs. 9 and 3 on a skid pad. you’ll feel the benefits immediately)

6) **This is kind of a bonus reason** While this gives you plenty of steering angle (of the 10 different tracks I’ve driven, I’ve never NOT had enough steering angle using this method), sometimes it can seem like it’s not enough. If you encounter the sensation of it not being enough steering angle, that typically indicates that you’re not taking an efficient line through a particular turn and may be scrubbing speed. Try to find a line through the turn that allows you to turn the steering wheel less.

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