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Spec13 Motorsports Knowledge Drop #1

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That we are about to tell you is going to sound absolutely insane and against everything you know about performance driving. But trust us, every word is true. We swear on our unborn great grandchildren.


We saw this Honda Fit at NYST (we call NYST “Nasty”) and we felt compelled to inform you that driving coaches actually PREFER beginners start with a lower horsepower, unmodified car! This way you can be taught the basics at a lower, safer limit and worry less about your car experiencing mechanical failures!

So, no more “My car isn’t fast enough/high performance enough for the track” excuses and get your butt out there! If you’re interested in getting on track or want to know how to prep your car, please feel free to comment below or message us! And remember, if this Honda Fit can do it, you can too!

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Old Oar House Irish Pub

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Today Spec13 reviews the Old Oar House Irish Pub.

The Old Oar House serves great beer and Irish pub inspired food. One of the best parts is that is it located less than 10 mins from NJMP!

Spec13 highly recommends the burgers (in fact, we have nick named this place “Dank Burger”), corn beef cabbage and the Oak Barrel Stout.

Stop in after your next track day and tell them Spec13 Motorsports sent you to receive one free weird look from the server. (They have no idea who we are).

– Old Oar House Irish Pub, 123 N High St, Millville, NJ 08332

Welcome to Spec13 Motorsports website!

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What is up and welcome to our website!

Spec13 Motorsports is a team of upstate New York car enthusiasts and amateur race car drivers.

We are enjoying life on the road to becoming professional race car drivers and we want to take you along with us!

Check out our site and other social media outlets to find out what we are up to and the services we offer.